Lidl Cyprus removes the black plastic from our life

The company continues to lead the way by removing black plastic - which is difficult to recycle - from all its private label product packaging by the end of 2021.

31.05.2021 | Larnaca

Lidl Cyprus proceeds with a new measure for the protection of the environment. This measure is part of REset Plastic, the Schwarz group’s international strategy for plastics, in which Lidl Cyprus also participates.

Specifically, with the REset Plastic initiative, the group has developed a holistic, international strategy that includes five fields of action:

  • REduce: Wherever possible and sustainable, we avoid the use of plastic.
  • RΕdesign: We design products and packaging that are recyclable and foster closed-loop systems
  • RΕcycle: We collect, sort, and recycle plastic, thus closing the loop for materials
  • RΕmove: We provide support in removing plastic from the environment. 
  • Research: We invest in research and development of innovative solutions and provide information on recycling and resource conservationAs a food retailer, we are aware of our responsibility. For this reason, Lidl has committed itself to a 20 percent reduction of its plastic consumption by 2025 and to make 100 percent of its own brand packaging maximum recyclable.

This way, we are pursuing the vision of “Less plastic - Closed loops”. In this context and by 2025, Lidl aims to reduce the use of plastic by 20% and the maximum possible recyclability for 100% of its private label product packaging.

Since its first day of operation in 2010, Lidl Cyprus set high goals, well before the law even required it. The consumer paid a price for the purchase of each plastic bag, with the ultimate goal of preventing its use, as well as reducing its reckless use and protecting the environment.

Lidl Cyprus, therefore, was the first to permanently withdraw the 6-cent disposable plastic bag from its stores, saving 45 tons of plastic per year. On the 31.12.2019, it was also the first to permanently withdraw disposable plastics, such as straws, glasses, plates, cutlery and cotton swabs, and since then it saves 7 tons of plastic on an annual basis.

"In our strategy for plastics, we follow a clear approach, which is summarised in the triptych: Avoid - Reduce - Recycle. By eliminating the plastic bag, disposable plastic items and by removing black plastic from our packaging, we avoid the use of plastic, thus contributing to achieving the company’s goal to reduce plastic. We are working intensively on various projects and we will constantly inform our customers about any innovation and change," said Ioannis Karanatsios, Member of the Board, Purchasing Department, Lidl Cyprus.

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