New online cooking classes have begun at Lidl Food Academy

The Lidl Food Academy, following a break of several months, returns dynamically with a new series of cooking classes for taste lovers!

12.05.2021 | Larnaca

The classes will be carried out in an innovative way and will be very different from anything you have experienced in the culinary online environment so far.

The classes will not be recipe videos on YouTube, nor live executions of recipes on social media networks, but a series of interactive classes with recipes being carried out by all participants, under the guidance of the educator. All Lidl friends and clients who will take part in the classes will be connected online, on a specific day and time, together with their trainer-chef of the Lidl Food Academy and will perform step by step wonderful recipes. The classes promise to be enjoyable and social, and increase the knowledge and creativity of participants, while guaranteeing a successful culinary result, always from the safety of your home!

Five thematic classes have already been scheduled for the coming weeks, with delicious recipes that will excite both you, your friends and family. Classes start at 11am, end at 1pm and will include topics such as: "Spring Mediterranean", "Mexican Fiesta", "Easy Pizzas" and "Nostalgic Sweets".

The first class was carried out on Saturday, April 24, with a timely subject on: "Flauna and Kaltsounia". Within 2 hours of the class, the chef and participants kneaded, baked, had fun and created the recipes easily, something which many thought may be difficult.

Details and applications will be made available through Lidl Food Academy’s website at Participation in the classes is free, as always, while all required ingredients for the recipes will be delivered at participants’ home for free *.

Lidl Food Academy is a place of learning, education and socialising. It is a place where we learn how food affects our quality of life. The space is a tangible proof of Lidl’s commitment to good food and proper nutrition.

All the services of the Academy, such as cooking classes, nutrition, tasting, wine tasting seminars, as well as seminars for specializsd food categories, are offered free of charge to all Lidl customers. Due to the pandemic, the Lidl Food Academy has temporarily suspended its physical activities until conditions permit. Until then, the Cook Along classes will offer knowledge and entertainment to the friends and customers of Lidl Cyprus.

* the selection will be made through a draw.

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