Lidl Cyprus presents the 1st Sustainable Gastronomy Competition

Four culinary colleges are competing for the most delicious, sustainable menu.

04.06.2021 | Larnaca

Lidl Cyprus celebrates the Sustainable Gastronomy Day by organising on a special cooking competition June 16, within the modern premises of the Lidl Food Academy.

The term sustainable gastronomy refers to the preparation of food that is done based on good practices. During this process, chefs take into account, in addition to taste, the origin and selection of raw materials, the management of available resources, safety and hygiene, as well as the way of production and packaging of products are carried out. Sustainable gastronomy contributes to the protection of the environment, cultural values, health, diversity, as well as the efficient use of resources.

Culinary & beverage colleges, the American College, Intercollege and the InterNapa College are participating in the 1st Sustainable Gastronomy Competition organised by Lidl Cyprus. The teams will have 90 minutes to cook and present a three-course menu to the committee, which will meet specific criteria of sustainable gastronomy, including the use of responsible products, energy consumption and water during preparation, as well as the emergence of locality and seasonality.

The jury consists of chefs from the Lidl Food Academy, as well as representatives of Lidl Cyprus, the Cyprus Chefs Association, as well as the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment.

The event is organised under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment and the Cyprus Chefs Association.

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