Lidl Cyprus's new campaign shows us the way to a better tomorrow

Modern brands must light the way for a better tomorrow.

02.04.2021 | Larnaca

Lidl Cyprus’ vision and philosophy is conveyed through the company’s new holistic communication campaign ‘moving forward’ which is currently being presented and will continue to unfold during the coming months and reflects the deep principles that govern its operation.

Ten years on, Lidl Cyprus remains whole in its values and philosophy and strives for a better tomorrow because it’s in its human nature to move forward. Lidl Cyprus, which addresses the modern Cypriot consumer, wants to move forward, to pioneer and to consistently improve. Lidl has it in its DNA not to stop and to try and make life better in Cyprus, in Europe and in the world.

Its new TV commercial leaves a note of optimism that inspires every viewer. "Think about staying still, not moving forward, not looking forward. You will never see what awaits you. Aren't you curious about what will happen next?"

Lidl Cyprus brought the European concept of shopping to the island, with smart purchases and new products and experiences. Through its international experience, actions and philosophy, it empowers local producers, strengthens the local economy, develops a healthy working environment, offers to society through important corporate social responsibility actions and implements pioneering practices of sustainability, thus leading the way to a better tomorrow.

This hasn’t only got to do with its different business model, but with its completely different philosophy, which significantly differentiates Lidl from others and makes it a pioneer in both the local and international market. It strives to do things differently and not just do different things.

Its new TV commercial tells the story of the modern family or the Lidl family. It’s a demanding campaign that took months of preparation as well as a coordinated and flawless collaboration amogst the Lidl Cyprus team in order to define its communication strategy, the creative proposals and approaches of the Gnomi Integrated Communications advertising company and Cube productions with its perfect coordination, in perfect harmony with the directorial vision of George Zafeiris.


Enjoy the advert here.

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