For the first time, Lidl is offering household goods made of recycled plastic

As part of its REsetPlastic Strategy, Lidl is working to reduce the use of plastic and to use more recycled plastic, in order to come one step closer to realizing the vision of "Less plastic –closed loops".

16.03.2021 | Larnaca

Together with PreZero, the environmental group company of the Schwarz Group, Lidl is positioning itself toward this goal in the area of household goods. This week, Lidl introduce various products to its assortment which are made of at least 95% recycled plastic.

With the household goods available starting from 15.3, Lidl and PreZero are giving plastic a new lease on life. The new household goods consist of at least 95% recycled plastic and use significantly less resources than traditional new plastic products when manufactured. The new environmentally friendly products, consisting of storage boxes, buckets, laundry hampers, washing tubs and laundry baskets, now complement the household goods assortment. These products are available in various muted colors.

What's special about the new household goods made of recycled material: Much of the value creation is covered by various group companies of the Schwarz Group. As the environmental group company of the Schwarz Group, PreZero is responsible for management of disposal and recycling. The recycled products are sold at Lidl. This ensures a successful, inter group company collaboration as part of the joint REset Plastic Strategy.

Plastic is used for the manufacture of many products and as a packaging material. The high resource consumption associated with this, the low rates of recycling, as well as the environmental pollution due to plastic refuse make plastic a highly discussed resource with high environmental impact. For this reason, Lidl has set itself the goal of using more recycled plastics, thereby efficiently reusing recyclable materials.

Therefore, Lidl is focusing on recycled plastic with the new products in the household goods area: Plastic waste from private households is collected by PreZero, cleaned, and then processed into recycled plastic pellets. New high quality, environmentally friendly products are then made from this so called regranulate.

With household goods made from recycled plastic, customers have a more sustainable alternative to choose from, and can use their purchasing power to actively contribute to the preservation of important resources. In this way, 1,500 metric tons of old plastic have already been reused in the manufacture of new household goods, and new plastic has been saved.

The entire recycling and manufacturing process is handled in Europe. With its corporate network, Lidl can cover the complete manufacturing and value creation chain, thus ensuring high recycling standards. The new products are part of the plastic strategy REset Plastic, initiated by the Schwarz Group.

Find the new household goods products made of recycled plastic here.


About the REsetPlastic Strategy

The Schwarz Group with its retail group companies Lidl and Kaufland is one of the largest international retailers and is aware of its responsibility for the environment and willing to accept that responsibility. Its REset Plastic strategy is a holistic, international strategy developed to cover five fields of activity: This approach compromises five action areas: from avoidance and design to recycling and removal up to innovation and education. In doing so the vision of “less plastic-closed loops” will become reality. Learn more at

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