Lidl Cyprus is the premier sponsor of the Pancyprian Clean-up Campaign “Let’s do it! Cyprus 2021”

Organised by the Together Cyprus Volunteer Network, in collaboration with the Office of the Commissioner for the Environment, the campaign will take place from October 25-31.

20.10.2021 | Larnaca

In the framework of its corporate responsibility and seeking to convey its environmental sensitivity into best practices, Lidl Cyprus is supporting the Pancyprian Clean-up Campaign “Let’s do it! Cyprus” as a premier sponsor. The aim of this year's campaign is to raise public awareness on issues related to the protection, conservation and sustainable management of the terrestrial and marine environment.

The start of the campaign was announced at a press conference held on Monday, October 18, at the Amphitheatre of the Press and Information Office. The above organisations’ common goal is the participation and sharing of information to the largest possible percentage of the population, so that this year, we can exceed the 50,000 volunteer barrier.

The event was greeted by Ms. Klelia Vassiliou, who said "It is our great pleasure to organise campaigns that highlight the value of volunteering, the way people persevere, participate and love this place. On behalf of the Office of the Commissioner for the environment, our intention is to interact, to use modern means, in order to be able to identify environmental problems and intervene properly”.

On behalf of Together Cyprus, the President of the Volunteer Network, Andreas Angelis stated: “With this year's slogan, we wanted to find a clever way to remind the world that this campaign can’t be done without the help of all of us. However, our campaign isn’t only about a short-lived clean-up. It’s also about a timeless perception and respect towards the environment and the way we treat it. Therefore #inyourhands also maintains the philosophy that in order to change this world, we must first change what we truly do in order to improve our quality of life.”

Actively contributing to the campaign, representatives of Lidl Cyprus’ 18 stores, logistics centres and headquarters, along with partners and volunteers, will come together in selected locations in all cities of Cyprus in order to join forces with the common goal of protecting the environment, thus offering relief to Cyprus’ ecosystem. "Through the Pancyprian Clean-up Campaign, our intention is to raise awareness and mobilise the entire Cypriot society. We work with the Together Cyprus Volunteer Network to support any initiative that helps reduce the reckless use of plastic and promote a circular economy. At the same time, we are activating corporate volunteering and making an open call for participation”, said Evelina Syrigou CSR Specialist of Lidl Cyprus.

The Let’s do it! Cyprus campaign, is part of REset Plastic, the Schwarz group’s international strategy for plastics in which Lidl Cyprus participates, and specifically in the fields of action REmove and REcycle.

REset Plastic and its five Fields of action

Wherever possible and sustainable, we avoid the use of plastic. Our reusable mesh bags for fruits and vegetables are a way of creating a sustainable alternative to plastic bags.

We design products and packaging that are recyclable and foster closed-loop systems. We have already reduced plastic in a lot of packaging, increased the recyclability or have used recycled plastic. Our packaging logo “packaging responsibly” makes this transparent for our customers.

We collect, sort, and recycle plastic, thus closing the loop for materials. Almost all of the recyclables in our Lidl storage facilities are sorted separately today. That makes it possible to recycle old plastic wrapping material into new trash bags.


We provide support in removing plastic from the environment.  Together with our cooperation partners, “Project Stop” and “One Earth – One Ocean e.V.” we contribute to plastic-free oceans and rivers. This engagement also includes local projects in countries where Lidl is active.


We invest in research and development of innovative solutions and provide information on recycling and resource conservation. We have signed the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Global Commitment, which is a strong sign of our vision for a globally functioning circular economy.

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* As last year, the campaign will proceed with an emphasis on individual initiative and responsibility in the open air settings, in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Infectious Diseases (Defining Measures to Prevent the Spread of the COVID-19 Decree (No. 7) of 2020.

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