Lidl Cyprus stands by its customers and employees from the very beginning

04.05.2020 | Larnaca
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Health and Safety Measures at Lidl Cyprus

Since the start of the pandemic and with determination and responsibility and as a priority, Lidl Cyprus has set out to create a safe working environment for all while confronting the  Covid-19 Corona virus.

Towards this end, Lidl Cyprus has implemented all necessary measures in a timely manner and has taken additional initiatives to protect the health and safety of its employees, partners and customers.

From the beginning of March and with determination and responsibility, we have proceeded with the following actions aimed at safeguarding public health. Specifically:

o          We have ensured and strengthened the compliance of security measures recommended by the Government with informational signs in all areas as well as the placement of security personnel at entrances of our stores who assure correct counting of people and information giving.

o          We have installed additional hand sanitiser stations within our stores and have proceeded to carry out frequent cleaning of key areas within the stores.

o          We have provided gloves and masks to our employees and provided our customers with disposable gloves.

o          We have installed special Plexiglas protective dividers at all cash registers for additional protection of our customers and employees.

As far as the safety of our employees is concerned, we proceeded with immediate actions:

  • Following the decision of the Council of Ministers, we conducted diagnostic laboratory tests for the corona virus and provided all facilities to our staff in order for them to participate in samplings in all cities. The test results were negative in all our 17 stores, a result which regards all of our employees up until 28.04.2020.
  • We took care of the daily updating of employees regarding preventive measures and means of safeguarding their health and safety through an internal communications system as well as the company’s application.
  • We secured access to a 24-hour Counselling Phone Line to our employees and families which provides unlimited support from specialised counsellors, free of charge.
  • We gave the possibility to employees working in our offices to telework so that they can feel safe and minimise their travelling, just as experts recommended, and thus contributed to reducing the transmission of the virus.

The Lidl Cyprus management, as a small thank you to its people, also proceeded to provide an emergency bonus of €200,000 for their over and above efforts under unprecedented conditions. «During these demanding and unprecedented conditions, the Lidl family has left the "I" behind, and has highlighted the "WE" through its participation in emergencies that have risen. At Lidl Cyprus, our people are our heroes who have surpassed themselves by giving example of teamwork and offering on a daily basis ", stated Spyros Kondylis - General Manager of Lidl Cyprus.

Looking ahead for a better tomorrow, Lidl Cyprus will continue, as it has for the last ten years, to stand by society, even in the most difficult moments, acting collectively and in solidarity.

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