Lidl Cyprus: Entry prohibited to customers not wearing a mask

Lidl Cyprus is taking an additional measure to protect the health of customers and employees in its stores.

25.08.2020 | Larnaca
Mandatory Mask image.

Lidl Cyprus now explicitly forbids entry in its stores to customers not wearing a mask. According to the revised directive of the Ministry of Health, children under the age of 12 are excluded from the measure. Also, it is clarified that the use of a mask for children aged 6 to 12 years is recommended on a voluntary basis.

The measure, which focuses on the protection of both customers and employees of Lidl Cyprus from possible spread of the disease, comes into force as of Monday 24 August 2020 and will apply to the entire network of the 18 Lidl Cyprus stores.

From the first day of the Covid-19 pandemic, the company has taken all necessary measures to prevent the transmission and spread of the virus, while continuing to provide continuous information on the health and safety of all those present in its stores and in full compliance with the legislative and state requirements.

The guarantee of the practical implementation of measures as well as maximum security in all procedures implemented in our stores, offices and supply centres, for the provision of the prevention of the transmission and dispersion of Covid-19, is the fact that Lidl Cyprus is the first food retail company in Cyprus to receive the Covid Shield certification, at the highest level "Excellent" from TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas.

With determination and responsibility, Lidl Cyprus is constantly taking new initiatives and additional measures to protect public health, thus ensuring a secure tomorrow.

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