Three Gold awards for Lidl at the Energy Mastering Awards 2019

20.12.2019 | Larnaca

Photograph from the event.

Lidl Cyprus and Lidl Greece won Three Gold awards at the Energy Mastering Awards 2019, proof of their commitment to continuously improve their energy efficiency performance in all their activities, aimed at protecting the environment on the way to a better tomorrow.

At the Energy Mastering Awards ceremony, which rewards successful practices or the installation of state-of-the-art technology for effective energy management, Lidl Cyprus and Lidl Hellas were presented with:

- A gold award in the Energy Efficiency Innovations & Technologies | Energy Monitoring Technologies category, for the effective and efficient management of the energy consumed during the operation of Lidl’s stores, warehouses and offices in Cyprus and Greece. With the successful introduction of an energy management system, and the creation of a separate energy management sector, the company has made its immediate priority – energy efficient strategies – a reality.  It has implemented high-level practices and solutions for monitoring, analysing and controlling energy consumption in order to optimize energy consumption.

- A Gold award in the Energy Efficiency Certification | ISO ΕΝ 50001 Certification category, for the internationally recognised ISO 50001 certification from the independent ‘’International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)’’, that was awarded to Lidl Cyprus and Lidl Greece by technical experts from DEKRA, for Lidl’s successful introduction of an efficient energy management system. Certification to this same standard was also granted, in 2018, to a total of 17 stores, 1 warehouse and the head offices of Lidl Cyprus in Larnaca as well as its other offices, whereas for Lidl Hellas, the certified properties were 240 stores, 6 warehouses and the head offices of Lidl Hellas in Sindos as well as its offices in Thermi and Maroussi. The company was also recertified for 2019, with a special process involving both internal and external energy audits on its properties. Lidl already meets the international standard in 27 countries around the world.

- A Gold award in the Energy efficiency improvement | Retail & Supermarkets category, for Lidl’s effectiveness in optimising all the specific energy consumption indices and therefore its energy efficiency for all types of its properties. In an environment of constantly rising energy demand, while at the same time developing all of their installed equipment and services and products, Lidl Cyprus and Lidl Hellas managed, in the previous year, to achieve all of the above, and more.  

Lidl Cyprus and Lidl Hellas are among the first companies in the retail sector to have adopted energy management strategies as a top priority and implemented towards this end successful energy management practices.

Sustainable entrepreneurship is one of Lidl’s strategic goals and is centred on the environment. In this context, the company implements innovative practices to minimize the environmental impact of its activities, from the responsible management of raw materials to the reuse and recycling of materials. The company offers sustainable products and is taking initiatives to raise public awareness of environmental issues

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