Natural Powerz collective toys are coming to Lidl Cyprus stores!

Lidl Cyprus introduces us to the 8 heroes of a new toy series that love the environment!

30.08.2021 | Larnaca

This year, going back to school is envisioned with the most pleasant of company! The new, collectible plush toy series known as Natural Powerz and made from recyclable materials (Repet) enters Lidl Cyprus stores to offer unique play moments for both young and old.

The 8 heroes, Water, Earth, Wind, Sunflower, Sun, Tree, Lightning and Fire, all inspired by elements of nature, come in to entertain children, urging them to protect and love the environment. Young and old will have the opportunity to discover the super powers of each hero, their mission with regards to the environment and of course choose their favourite toy!

From Wednesday 01.09 until 10.10, with every 25€ of purchases from our stores, you will receive a Natural Powerz sticker from the cash register. With the completion of 8 stickers and with the payment of + 1.99€ you will be able to make your own a collectible Natural Powerz plush toy of your own choice!

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