Lidl Cyprus collected €40,000 for the exceptional needs of the Cyprus Red Cross Society

21.04.2020 12:00:00 | Larnaca
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The amount derived from the sales of Favorina products sold at the 17 Lidl stores from March 5 to April 18, 2020.

Lidl Cyprus consumers sent a message of love and solidarity by choosing Favorina products for their Easter festivities and supported the exceptional action plan of the Cyprus Red Cross Society (CRCS), which will receive the financial reward of €40,000.

Specifically, Lidl Cyprus conducted the financial support campaign by donating €0.30 from each Favorina product sale to the Cyprus Red Cross Society, in support of the implementation of the Society’s action plan towards addressing the impact of the new Covid-19 Corona virus on our society.

The amount of €40,000 will be made available for the support of elderly and vulnerable groups, meet the alimentary needs of migrants at the Emergency Reception Centre in Kokkinotrimithia and the Kofinou Reception Centre for Refugees and Asylum Seekers as well as for the dissemination of relevant informational material across Cyprus.

Within this framework, Lidl Cyprus also secured its supply of Love Packages which include food and basic necessities for fellow citizens in need, as well as the support of the Government’s Special Program by a trained group of volunteers of the CRCS.

With a vision of a better tomorrow, Lidl Cyprus will continue to promote best practices in business, reflecting its values and principles through acts of strength and responsibility.

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    Η Lidl Κύπρου συγκέντρωσε €40.000 για τις έκτακτες ανάγκες του Κυπριακού Ερυθρού Σταυρού

    Λάρνακα, 21.04.2020 12:00:00

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