Lidl Cyprus takes additional measures to protect health and safety of customers and employees

20.03.2020 | Larnaca
Safety measures.

For Lidl Cyprus, the health and safety of its customers and employees is a top priority. This is why it is stepping up its health and safety measures within its stores in an attempt to restrict the spreading of the Covid-19 coronavirus by initiating the installation of protective Plexiglas dividers in front of cashiers and additional antiseptic hand washing stations on its premises.

The placement of protective dividers has already begun and is expected to be completed on Monday 23.03 at all cashiers of the Lidl Cyprus branch network.

The installation of protective dividers reduces the risk of transmitting the Covid-19 coronavirus to both employees and customers served at the cashier.

Employees working at the 17 stores and the coordination center undertake their individual protective measures by using gloves and hand sanitisers while the legislative directive is being applied with a ratio of one person to 8sqm which reduces the likelihood of the virus spreading.

With determination and responsibility, Lidl Cyprus is continuously going ahead with new initiatives and additional measures to protect the health and safety of its employees, associates and customers.

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    Σε πρόσθετα μέτρα για την προάσπιση της υγείας και ασφάλειας πελατών και εργαζομένων προχωρά η Lidl Κύπρου

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