Let's lay our Lent dinner table together

Find delicious Lent dinner table ideas at Lidl Cyprus

18.03.2021 | Larnaca

This years Lent is celebrated with aromas and tastes of tradition in all the stores of Lidl Cyprus. Lidl Cyprus’ new booklet, which is available in all Lidl stores, includes favourite recipes of our country and as every year, Lidl invites you to create your favourite Lent recipes and snacks with its selected products.

While browsing through the booklet, you will have the opportunity to discover timeless and original recipes such as alternative lentils with crispy fried squid, etc., with a wide variety of fine, delicious and ideal raw materials for fasting at your disposal and at the most affordable prices.

Among the booklet’s pages, you will single out favourite recipes with aromas and tastes of the sea, bringing waves of pleasure to your table. Apart from seafood, you will also find traditional recipes from every corner of our country.

The Lent menu couldn’t exclude our favourite sweets, such as halva and pasteli, which are re-introduced in new, unexpected combinations that will pleasantly surprise your loved ones and combine quality with taste.

Additionally, carob snacks, cookies and dried palms come in to complete your array of sweet delights. In this year’s Lent booklet, you will discover products ideal for fasting marked  with an ‘N’ and which you can find in all Lidl stores in Cyprus.

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