Lidl introduces Super-Fairtrade-Chocolate Way To Go onto the market

02.04.2021 | Larnaca

Lidl is consistently trying to expand its private brand assortment to include sustainable products and is now introducing the Super-Fairtrade-Chocolate Way To Go onto the market: The cocoa used for their chocolate comes from sustainable cultivation in Ghana. Through a premium program the local cocoa farmers benefit from continuing education programs. The Way To Go chocolate contributes so effectively to the closing of the income gaps of the cocoa farmers and push onward for living wages as well as protection for the environment.

Lidl Cyprus is launching its new Fairtrade chocolate Way To Go in its private brand assortment. It is available for the price of €1,99 and come in four flavors milk chocolate, dark chocolate, sea salt-caramel and coconut-pecan.

Lidl is taking a stand, as the first discount store, to close the income gap of cocoa farmers and push onward for living wages with its Fairtrade chocolate Way To Go: Lidl purchases all of its cocoa for Way To Go from sustainable cultivation from the small farmers organization Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana. The origin of the cocoa is completely traceable and transparent.  The cocoa farmers benefit directly from each bar of chocolate sold and it doubles: Both Fairtrade and Lidl pay farmers a set premium: The farmers receive a minimum price for the cocoa with Fairtrade, which protects them against price fluctuations in the world market. The Lidl premium flows into two advancement projects, in which Fairtrade and Lidl work together to improve the income situation of the small farmers in a long term and sustainable manner.

Firstly, the small farmers receive training on sustainable cocoa cultivation. With this training, the framers can achieve greater harvests and earn more as a result. Then, Lidl supports to the cooperative members in expanding their agriculture to become more independent from cocoa cultivation: They will support the cultivation of raw materials used to make rice, honey and soap products, for example. Both advancement programs also contribute to environmental protection in their respective areas.

Currently cocoa is classified as a critical raw material due to various social and ecological factors: Most farmers are paid under the poverty line of two USD a day. The raw material prices for cocoa fluctuate sharply and make planning one’s income difficult. The widespread poverty leads in part to child labor on plantations. Because of the limited crop yields, forest areas worth protecting are often cleared for cocoa cultivation and farmed with heavy use of pesticides.

Lidl has decided to actively correct to the abuses that occur in cocoa cultivation. Lidl showing the way to fair and sustainable working and cultivation conditions for cocoa farmers with the Way To Go chocolate and the advancement programs that go with it.

Lidl has been standing up for more sustainability in the cocoa industry since 2006 and has been using cocoa exclusively from Fairtrade certified cultivation for its entire chocolate bar assortment since the end of 2016.  Furthermore, Lidl itself has become active in sustainable cocoa cultivation and started the project PROCACAO in 2012: This project involves an agricultural school for sustainable cocoa cultivation in the Ivory Coast. The project was able to become independent in 2019 after being financed for eight years. Over 18,000 cocoa farmers and their families have benefited from PROCACAO so far. Lidl will continue its commitment to a responsible assortment and sustainable cocoa.


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