Lidl Cyprus celebrates the International Plastic Bag Free Day

02.07.2020 | Larnaca
World Plastic Bag Free Day poster.

Within the framework of its upcoming Corporate Responsibility program, Lidl Cyprus is participating in the International Plastic Bag Free Day, proving once again that it is leading in the battle for the protection of the environment.

As from 2019, the company already withdrew the disposable plastic bag, saving 45 tons of plastic per year, contributing to the reduction of waste and the reduction of CO2 by up to 40%.

Within this framework, on Friday 3rd of July and up until the stock runs out, Lidl Cyprus is giving away an ecological, multi-purpose bag with every purchase from its stores.

This action is part of REset Plastic, the international strategy of the Schwarz Group, which aims at a world with less plastic, and specifically, within REduce’s field of action, to reduce the use of plastic where possible and where sustainable.

With the REset Plastic initiative, in which Lidl Cyprus also participates, the Schwarz Group has developed a holistic strategy that includes five areas of action. This is how it reduces the use of plastic and closes the cycle in the framework of a circular economy.

The scope of the REset Plastic initiative is as follows:


Reduce plastic use where possible and where sustainable

REdesign design

(Re)design products to be recyclable and to close the cycle in the framework of a circular economy


Collection, sorting, recycling and closing of life cycle of raw materials


Support of campaigns for removal of plastic waste in the environment REsearch

Investment in research and development of innovative solutions and information on recycling and conservation of natural resources

With a sense of responsibility, Lidl Cyprus doesn’t stop fighting for our planet, for the environment, for future generations.

Because everybody deserves a better tomorrow!

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  • World Plastic Bag Free Day poster.

    Lidl Cyprus celebrates the International Plastic Bag Free Day

    Larnaca, 02.07.2020 12:00:00

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