Product labelling and certifications

Packaging responsibly.

The label "Packaging responsibly" on the Lidl Cyprus’ private label products indicates that it is a package with improved performance viability against other conventional solutions.


A symbol on packaging that indicates that the company that produces the product participates in an alternative management system and contributes financially towards the recycling of the product.

Recycle 2

3.    It is indicated on products that are suitable for recycling.

ASC certified

Certification for Responsible Aquaculture by the independent, international, non-profit organisation Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC).


Ensures that the catch of wild fish meets strict sustainability criteria, allowing populations and ecosystems to remain healthy and productive for future generations.

A sign certifying that the product is fished with respect towards the fauna of the area in question.


Certification for tea, coffee, cocoa and hazelnut products that ensures that raw materials are grown by farmers who are trained to apply best agricultural practices, with respect for mankind and the planet.

Fairtrade Cocoa

Signals that cocoa growers receive a fair remuneration for their products, while providing environmental assistance and educating farmers on sustainable agriculture.

Fairtrade INT

Certifies that coffee growers receive a fair remuneration for their beans as well as that part of the remuneration results in investments in schools, reforestation and rural development.

Concerns coffee and chocolate and is attributed to farms, forests and businesses that meet some environmental and social criteria (improvement of crops, working conditions, etc.).


Indication that the product is suitable for a vegan diet.

Palm oil

Ensures that the palm oil that was used is certified.

Logos images

Certification that refers to standards and regulations for the production process, ensuring the high quality and safety of the production in the food chain.

Certification with regards to paper and wood and which supports forest conservation, ensuring that paper or wood products that bear the logo come from forests that are sustainably managed and certified by the FSC or from waste of consumed products.


Concerns clothes and certifies that the ingredients used for their production are suitable for safe return to the environment and with high quality reuse.