Make your favourite desserts from Lidl Cyprus this week

Find new, favourite brands at Lidl Cyprus and create your favourite refreshing Lidl Food Academy recipes

05.05.2021 | Larnaca

Can the sweetest temptation be healthy? At Lidl Cyprus you can find the right ingredients to prepare the Lidl Food Academy chef’s recipes from favourite brands that will sweeten you, without feeling bad about it.

The afternoons are getting longer and during springtime we’re all looking for moments of relaxation with a delicious dessert! You can simply create them by choosing your favourite flavour from the rich range of ice creams, diced fruits, fresh blueberries, berries, strawberries, kiwis, apples, combine them all together, and use them as a base for an delicious ice cream in the afternoon.

For chocolate seekers, you can melt a large piece of dark chocolate and pour it over the ice cream.

 Enjoy branded and delicious products at Lidl Cyprus.

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