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A better tomorrow – assume responsibility!


For us, assuming responsibility means working on the questions that we will need to answer today and tomorrow. This is particularly true wherever our actions impact people and the environment.

“A better tomorrow “– assuming responsibility. This principle drives us to fulfill our promise of quality once again every day. We are making Lidl fit for the future while keeping our eye on the entire value added chain. A future that is in harmony with the environment, that puts people at the center of our actions and that contributes to more sustainable consumption. Our vision is to have most sustainable assortment at the best price.

“Good for the planet,” “good for people” and “good for you” describe this position. 

We are already putting this promise into practice today with our six focus topics “respecting biodiversity”, “protecting climate”, “conserving resources”, “acting fairly”, “promoting health”, and “engaging in dialog”. Regional and global. Committed and transparent.