A better tomorrow – for an intact natural world

Biodiversity is the basis for well-functioning and stable ecosystems – and makes them resilient against external changes such as climate change. Moreover, biodiversity makes a varied assortment possible. When biodiversity is endangered, it also affects the availability and quality of our products. One of the main drivers for biodiversity loss is current agricultural practices. For this reason, we are taking responsibility as a company, ranging from our operations to our supply chain. We can conserve the diversity of animal and plant species as well as the habitats worthy of protection through the way in which we purchase and sell raw materials and products, through how they are produced and how we build our stores.

For this reason, at Lidl, we are promoting the protection and sustainable use of biological diversity.


“Being able to sell a wide range of food is only possible because nature provides us the necessary resources for this. This is why we consider biodiversity a value that is vital for survival – for people and for our actions.”

Vasiliki Adamidou, Head of Communications and Corporate Responsibility of Lidl Cyprus

Our commitment in measures

Organic products in our permanent product range.


potting soil with reduced peat by the end of 2025 - to protect important heathlands as unique habitats.


certified critical raw materials by 2025 - thereby contributing to more environmentally friendly growing conditions.

By 2025

all European fruit and vegetable growers will be certified according to GLOBALG.A.P.

Supply chains without deforestation and forest conversion

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