Detox Commitment

Between 2014 and 2020 Lidl has worked intensively on removing potentially harmful substances from the production of its own brand’s textiles and shoes as part of Green peace’s Detox Campaign. In December 2014 Lid was the first food retailer to take part in the Detox Campaign.

The goal of Lidl’s Detox Commitment was to completely eliminate the chemical groups deemed dangerous in the production of textiles and shoes by Greenpeace from Lidl’s own textile brands by 2020, or to replace them with safe substances. This would make it possible to improve the social and environmental production conditions in the textile and shoe industry.

In 2020 Lidl can say that it has been able to avoid using environmentally harmful chemicals in its textile production as much as possible, thereby reducing the negative impact on humans and the environment.

The following report explains Lidl’s strategy, offers an overview of the milestones that Lidl has reached between 2015 and 2020, and summarizes the measures and results from 2019. The document also gives an overview of which goals Lidl is continuing to pursue in terms of achieving a more environmentally-friendly textile and shoe production.