A better tomorrow – for the careful use of resources!

People are consuming an increasing amount of resources due to the growing world population and increase in the consumption of water and raw materials and in the amount of refuse. For this reason, we are assuming responsibility for using resources carefully. We understand this to include obtaining raw materials in a more environmentally-friendly manner, taking more actions in line with the circular economy model, avoiding and reducing food waste, and making sure fresh water is used carefully.

For this reason, at Lidl, we advocate the ongoing protection of resources and using resources responsibly along our entire value chain.


“Resources form the basis of our products – which is why using them carefully is our highest premise, and it is vital to also guarantee that people are supplied with products in the future.”

Vasiliki Adamidou, Head of Communications and Corporate Responsibility of Lidl Cyprus



certified critical raw materials - by the end of 2025 we will make the supply of critical raw materials more sustainable


without solid and liquid microplastics in the composition of our cosmetic products as well as in detergents and cleaners


less food waste in its operations by 2030


certified coffee in our supply chains from 2020

Our fields of action for the topic of conserving resources

Measures to conserve resources

Supply chains without deforestation and forest conversion

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