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A better tomorrow – for a more sustainable and healthier assortment

Less sugar, more organic food, just better quality: we work every day to meet our own quality standards and those of our customers. We therefore focus on products that not only taste good but that also promote good health and go easy on the environment.

For Lidl, taking responsibility means supporting you, our customer, on your path towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. This is why we design our assortment so that it is good for you.

With our growing selection of high-quality and more sustainable products, we make it possible for you to make more conscious purchasing decisions. We also rely on transparent and credible certifications as well as product labeling to guide you when shopping.


“We assist our customers while making purchasing decisions that are centered around their own health and sustainability. We create the prerequisite for this by organizing the assortment responsibly.”

Ioannis Karanatssios, Member of the Board Purchasing