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A better tomorrow – for a planet with a future

Commerce with food and merchandise relies on the environment being impact. That is the only way to ensure the long-term quality availability of our products. At the same time, we also know that our merchandise has an impact on the planet - from the extraction of the raw materials and their processing into products and disposal of the finished goods.

That's where our responsibility comes in: We will do more things that are good for our planet. After all, only then can we offer our customers an attractive assortment on an ongoing basis and thus secure our future viability.

We are making a contribution to protecting the environment with specific goals and measures. This includes conserving resources, implementing climate measures along the entire chain and actively contributing to the protection of the ecosystems with our business.

Vasiliki Adamidou

“A healthy and intact environment is a prerequisite for our business operations. It ensures our customers are supplied with the products they need for their everyday lives. This is why we make protecting our planet the guiding principle of the actions we take.” 

Vasiliki Adamidou, Head of Communications and Corporate Responsibility of Lidl Cyprus

Our commitment to the planet