Lidl Food Academy returns with in person presence

After the ‘Cook Along’ cooking classes, the baton is being handed over to a new course of live cooking lessons at the Lidl Food Academy! In June, get ready for a new selection of classes at the favourite taste academy on Stasikratous Street.

11.06.2021 | Λάρνακα

On Saturday, May 29, Lidl Food Academy’s ‘Cook Along’ cooking classes where completed. There where Lidl Cyprus’ online cooking classes of that were organised during the restriction period of the pandemic in order to offer something to do and entertainment to its customers, from the security of their home. Groups of friends and family connected via their mobile phone or computer and under the guidance of the chef, made delicious recipes together.

With the relaxation of the measures, from next Saturday, June 12, Lidl Food Academy returns to its normal rhythms, with new classes at the academy on Stasikratous Street and with the presence of participants. The programme includes, in addition to Saturday mornings, classes on Thursday afternoons. The topics of the classes include: recipes for a perfect brunch, secrets for the most delicious authentic Italian recipes, Thai cuisine, Indian cuisine, flavours from Sicily, Armenian cuisine, flavours from Spain and delicacies from the Aegean. As always, all classes are free for the lucky ones who will register through Lidl Food Academy website.

During the summer, in addition to the cooking classes, Lidl Food Academy is planning activities that will make your summer evenings extremely interesting. Lidl is preparing movie and food nights, beer festivals, BBQ and football, cooking competitions and other activities for its friends and customers.

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