Healthy and safety at work environment a priority for Lidl Cyprus

30.03.2020 | Larnaca
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Within the framework of its Corporate Responsibility and whilst striving to secure a healthy and safe work environment, Lidl Cyprus is taking an additional measure to ensure the care and support of all its employees, at all levels.

As from March 30, 2020, and for the next 3 months, more than 600 employees and their immediate family members will have access to a 24-hour Advice and Support Helpline with regards to the Covid-19 coronavirus.

This initiative follows the extra benefits and increased preventive measures that Lidl Cyprus has taken and will continue to take in recognition of the dedication of its employees to quickly and effectively adapt to new working conditions due to the government's labour regulations and measures to restrict the spread of the virus.

This helpline provides anonymous and confidential support from specialist counselors on issues such as how to manage negative thoughts and feelings, how to approach family, colleagues and relatives, as well as other personal and work related issues that may arise from of the unusual circumstances.

With determination and responsibility, Lidl Cyprus stands by its people and provides them with the resources they need to cope with this difficult and demanding period.

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    Προτεραιότητα για τη Lidl Κύπρου το υγιές και ασφαλές περιβάλλον εργασίας

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