51st World Environment Day: Lidl follows the motto #BeatPlasticPollution and is committed to a circular economy that conserves resources

Since its introduction in 1972, World Environment Day on June 5 has become one the biggest global platforms with worldwide campaigns for protecting the environment. This year, under the hashtag #BeatPlasticPollution, the focus is on the devastating pollution of the environment through plastic waste. Twelve million metric tonnes of plastic pollute the oceans every year. Millions of people, but also governments, cities and companies are committed to environmentally friendly solutions – including Lidl. The discounter is part of REset Plastic, the jointly developed plastics strategy for companies of the Schwarz Group. The use of plastic is being reduced and the issue of the circular economy promoted as part of a holistic approach.

05.06.2023 | Larnaca

51st World Environment Day

As one of the key players in the industry, Lidl is leading by example in dealing with and continually saving plastic. Lidl wants to reduce plastic consumption by 20% by 2025. As part of the Schwarz Group, Lidl is committed to the REset Plastic strategy. The broad-based actions, with the vision of “Less plastic – Closed loops” range from avoidance (REduce) to design (REdesign), recycling (REcycle), and waste disposal (REmove), through to innovation and education (REsearch) about plastic.

Our “River Cleanup Collective – Together for Cleaner Rivers @Danube” campaign reflects the core idea behind REmove. In a cross-divisional campaign, Schwarz Group employees removed a total of 20 tonnes of waste from the Danube in 2022. Around 3,000 people from the ten neighboring countries came together to clean one of the most plastic-polluted rivers in Europe and thereby ensure that the waste did not end up in the world’s seas.


Lidl wants to consistently exploit the potential of the circular economy

“As a global retail company, we are well aware of our ecological responsibility at Lidl. That’s why we are committed to avoiding or reusing plastic as much as possible. We want to set a good example and create the basis for being able to supply our customers with high-quality food in the future,” explains Vasiliki Adamidou, Head of Corporate Communications and Responsibility. “For us, acting in a sustainable, responsible way extends to the various resources along our entire value chain – from the manufacturing of our products to their packaging, transportation and recycling.” 

Lidl will use closed loop solutions to significantly reduce its consumption of resources by the end of 2025. Lidl has also committed to the focus area of “Conserving resources” with its comprehensive international CSR strategy “A better tomorrow” including, in addition to packing materials, the sustainable use of raw materials, fresh water and food waste.

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