Lidl Wellness Camp: Third and best!

The two-day Lidl Wellness camp was held for the 3rd time with great success.

31.10.2022 | Larnaca

A weekend to good life

Those who were at Agros on the weekend of October 15 and 16 had a unique experience, full of new knowledge, skills and tastes. The 3rd Lidl Wellness Camp offered all participants tips on wellness, good nutrition guidelines and ideas for a better and healthier everyday life. The whole event was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, the Cyprus National Unesco Committee and the Cyprus Dietretic & Nutrician  Association.

On the occasion of World Food Day, Lidl Cyprus, wanting to give its consumers all the supplies they need in order to make their lives better, while realising that nutrition is inextricably linked to health, proceeded to an innovative collaboration, for Cypriot standards, with experts from the fields of nutrition, psychology, sports and the environment. These experts met in the village of Agros where they delivered workshops, each in their own creative way, on topics from their respective field of work

The 150 lucky participants of the camp had the opportunity to get exercise with the help of Kyriakos Pelekanos, do ergonomics exercises with Dr. Giorgos Oxinos, talk about mindfulness in food with dr. Anthi Loutsiou, to awaken their senses with Cypriot aromatic herbs with Marilena Ioannidou, to cook, but also taste delicious creations by chef George Georgiou as well as getting to know the depths of human biology with Dr. Myrtani Pieri, be informed about microplastics by Dr. Xenia Loizidou, to discover easy ways to improve their diet with Nicoleta Michaelidou and so much more, with many other experts.

At the same time, children of all ages, guided by specialised teachers, took part in the imaginative, experiential activities by the Forest School and with Dr. Nicoletta Christodoulou. All together they composed an unrepeatable two days of clear mind, renewed body and sought-after well-being.

The participants also had the opportunity to have their questions answered which were related to their diet and health. The two days ended with the promise of a fourth Lidl Wellness Camp next year, with the same appetite for a better life!

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