The finals of the 2nd Lidl Cyprus Mind REset programme was completed with success and numerous smiles from the students who participated in the programme

In collaboration with Junior Achievement Cyprus, Lidl Cyprus is implementing the environmental and educational programme entitled Mind Reset for the second consecutive year for free, both for public and private schools across Cyprus.

16.12.2022 | Larnaca

Lidl Cyprus faithful to its commitment supports Mind REset 2022

The second Mind REset, a fun and interactive environmental programme, was organised in Cyprus once again this year and enabled elementary and high school students to identify the consequences of the use of plastic in everyday life and proposed practical and sustainable solutions that will contribute towards the protection and preservation of the environment.

This year's final competition took place on December 16 with a separate Award Ceremony which took place in the POED event hall in Nicosia.

In this year's programme, there were plenty of participants with a total of 60 schools from all over Cyprus, 134 classes and a total of 2,524 students, while there were more than 139 teachers who supported the programme!

The Mind REset final competition was the result of a series of 5 classes carried out for 5th and 6th graders and 1st and 2nd year high school students and which aimed to bring children into contact with environmental entrepreneurship and develop useful skills for the protection and preservation of the environment. All the ideas evaluated in the competition were in line with one of the five fields of action of Lidl Cyprus and the Schwarz Group's international plastic strategy, REset Plastic.

For the final selection of the winning teams, the jury evaluated the quality of each team’s business idea presentation, the quality of their exhibits and stand, the quality of the presentation of their idea on stage and the answers given by the children on the spot.

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