The first educational, environmental programme mind REset was completed with great success!

The mind REset gave the opportunity to elementary and high school students to identify the consequences of using plastic in everyday life and to propose practical and sustainable solutions that will contribute to the protection and preservation of the environment.

24.02.2022 | Larnaca

MindREset Final Ceremony

MindREset Final Ceremony

Within the framework of this programme, the Award Ceremony of the mindREset 2022 programme took place on February 15, 2022 in the event hall of the Pancyprian Organisation of Greek Teachers (POED) and in the presence of the Minister of Education Mr. Prodromos Prodromou.

The "mind REset" programme is a fun and interactive programme and is implemented in collaboration with Junior Achievement Cyprus. The program offers a series of 5 lessons to Elementary and High School students. The modules of the programme are aimed at bringing students in contact with the field of environmental entrepreneurship and to help them develop skills that will contribute to the overall protection and preservation of the environment.

In total, the following participated in the programme
• 87 schools from all over Cyprus
• 190 departments
• a total of 3612 students
• Over 200 teachers supported the programme

Judges evaluated the quality of the presentation of the final selection of groups’ business idea, the quality of their exhibits and stands as well as the quality of their presentation on stage and the answers they gave. The ideas submitted under the project were harmonised with one of the five areas of action of the international strategy of Lidl Cyprus and the Schwarz Group for plastic, REset Plastic.

The two teams that were named Mind Resetters of the year 2022, which won an educational business experience abroad, were the teams "EAT THE BOX" from the Primary School of Ayios Athanasios II and the team "ECO CLIP" from the High School of Engomi.


The EAT THE BOX company, produces boxes out of dough which are edible and known as the zy-mart boxes. These boxes replace disposable plastic food containers, thus helping to reduce plastic. After consuming the contents in the box, we can eat the boxes themselves, or leave them as waste’ for the Earth to "eat" them without it being endangered.

The "Ecoclip" is a handmade airtight bag closure clip that is 100% ecological. It is made out of wood and is mainly used to seal open food bags, keeping contents fresh for longer. It stands out from the rest of the clips found on the market as it is handmade, with an original and at the same time clever design so that it does not look like any other similar product.

The two, second runner-ups were the "PwP" teams from the Astromeritis Primary School, whose idea was to create biodegradable pots for small plants. Their materials are simple. Topsoil, seeds, newspapers, toilet paper rolls, paints and rope and the "HEY HAY" from the Gymnasium-Lyceum Olympion who proposed an alternative that concerns the creation an ‘ecological’ plastic that doesn’t disturb the planet during its creation process.

The two third runner-ups were the teams "WorldREstart" from the 9th Elementary School of Limassol where the company will motives to families to collect plastic waste from the environment (parks, beaches, fields, etc.). Incentives have to do with discounts from stores as well as gifts from its companies. With regards to the High School, the third place was won by the "Spare Pen" team of the 2nd Regional High School of Nicosia-Malounda, who proposed a new wooden ecological pen for all ages and in order to reduce the plastic and save money.

With a common vision with all participants in the ‘Less plastic - Closed Circles of raw materials’, Lidl Cyprus, with a sense of responsibility, does not stop fighting for our planet, for the environment, for future generations. Because everyone deserves a better tomorrow!

Watch the video of the Award Ceremony here




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