Lidl Cyprus invests in green energy

It’s expanding the installation of photovoltaic systems and electric charging stations in its facilities.

23.06.2023 | Larnaca

Lidl Cyprus invests in green energy

Keeping an eye on sustainability and climate change, Lidl Cyprus is intensifying its efforts to continuously reduce its carbon footprint.

The company uses 100% green electricity in all its facilities. In addition, it has replaced conventional light bulbs with LED bulbs in the sales areas of all its stores, as well as in most of its facilities. It currently has 5 stores that are equipped with installed photovoltaic systems on their roofs, as well as in its logistics centre in Larnaca. The total power of the existing systems amounts to 1.86 MW.

Until the end of this summer, 2 additional facilities within its stores are expected to be put into operation, from which 23.2% of the company's total energy needs in the country will be served.

At the same time, Lidl Cyprus is prioritizing the installation of electric charging stations in its offices and stores. It currently operates electric charging stations in 4 of its stores, while by the end of 2025, it plans to install electric charging stations in the rest of its stores as well. In addition, it is expected that by the end of the current financial year, an electric charging station will also operate at its central facilities in Larnaca.

For years, Lidl Cyprus has been committed to a series of measures to further protect climate change, by prioritizing the reduction of its carbon footprint. These actions are fully in line with Lidl's commitment to the international Science Based Targets initiative to limit the increase in the average temperature of the planet to 1.5°C, as foreseen in the Paris Agreement.

By 2030, Lidl aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions from its operations by 80%, compared to 2019, in all the countries it operates, and has attained to the commitment of its suppliers, who are responsible for 75% of emissions related to its products, to set their own climate targets based on the methodology of the Science Based Targets initiative by 2026.

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