Our quality commitment

How we ensure top quality

In order to consistently continue to develop our products from a quality perspective – and also in line with our understanding of sustainability, we are constantly sharing information and remain in dialog with our manufacturers and suppliers within the scope of our quality management system.
All of our processes are designed to guarantee safety and quality so that our customers can rely on consistently high standards – in the composition, taste, visual aspect and consistency of our products. Seasonality and regionality play a particular role in the quality of the raw materials we source. This is because depending on the season, cultivation area and weather conditions, they can lead to differences in quality in agricultural products. One thing is certain, however: our customers can always count on the Lidl quality they are accustomed to.

We keep an eye on developments and implement changes in legal regulations. These include, for example, EU regulations such as the Food Labeling Regulation (LMIV), the Regulation on Food Additives (Regulation (EC) No. 1333/2008) and the EU UCPD Directive. Of course, we also pay attention to national legal regulations which may also differ from one another within the EU. We also impose minimum requirements on our suppliers, for example with regard to the use of pesticides in fruit and vegetable cultivation, in order to ensure that we deliver the proven Lidl quality every time. 

As an international company, we place our trust in a large network of suppliers to keep the supply of goods consistent – even in challenging times. This can mean that we might use different suppliers for the same products which are available in several Lidl national companies. The consequence might be that within the scope of our specifications, manufacturing methods may differ slightly depending on the product, for example with regard to...
•    Production technology: There may be differences in how the product looks
•    Origin of the raw materials: Suppliers source raw materials from different preliminary suppliers
•    Equality of ingredients: For some products, it may be possible to substitute certain ingredients. This means that a product which contains vegetable oil may contain sunflower oil or rapeseed oil.

Short transportation routes mean fresh products in store. This conserves resources and also secures jobs on site. Wherever possible, we therefore source fresh goods within Cyprus or as a minimum from an EU country. In this case, it may be that we receive raw materials from various suppliers which may differ slightly from one another due to regional conditions.


Our benchmark is happy customers

Our goal is always to satisfy the needs of our customers. Feedback and suggestions for improvement are therefore always welcome. We immediately follow up on indications that the quality or safety of our products is impaired and, in serious cases, we immediately remove the product from sale, inform our customers, and carry out a public product recall for the article in question. 
Tastes and preferences may vary from country to country. Of course, we take this into account in our national assortment strategy. Added to this are our efforts to promote healthy nutrition, for example through our reduction strategy, through which we are gradually working to reduce ingredients like salt and sugar from our products and increase the proportion of unsaturated fats.


Awards and award-winning products

Many of our private label products regularly receive distinctions and top ratings within well-known product awards competitions. For example, the International Taste Institute, which aims to promote food and beverages of superior quality and taste worldwide, through its impartial "blind tasting" process, has awarded multiple Superior Taste Awards to Lidl Cyprus products that stand out for their taste excellence.


Top quality and safety standards

Quality assurance takes top priority for Lidl Cyprus for worry-free enjoyment.  Before our private label products are sold, they are extensively checked and tested. In parallel to our internal quality controls, we commission independent, renowned test institutes to carry out microbial, chemical, physical, and sensory tests on our products. 

Product labeling is also checked: we ensure that all ingredients are fully and correctly indicated on the packaging. This helps people with special nutritional requirements or allergies, as they will be able to find all information on allergens and ingredients immediately.

Lidl has an international goods inspection system so that we can take immediate quality assurance measures in the case of unforeseen incidents. All products can be traced from the Lidl stores to the logistics centers to production and can be clearly identified.


Mixers to children's toys: Safety is our top priority

The highest safety standards apply to our non-food articles such as electric tools, kitchen machines, or toys. When manufacturing our non-food products, we attach the greatest importance to ensuring that none of our hardware articles pose any hazard when used properly. The articles are inspected during production. As part of this, Lidl always has all articles tested by independent testing institutes to internationally recognized standards – regardless of where we produce them.

In the area of consumer goods, these include TÜV Süd, TÜV Rheinland and Hohenstein Institute.


Our textile quality

For us, there are many different aspects to quality. When it comes to textiles, we pay particular attention to ensuring that they are free from hazardous substances and a perfect fit. For that reason, we subject all of our own brand textiles to a multi-stage quality inspection process, which starts with the manufacturing process in the production warehouses. Within this framework, we have our products tested and certified by independent testing institutes.