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Transparency in the non-food supply chain

At Lidl we source our goods from suppliers all over the world. In our own-brand range, we can work directly with the manufacturers to promote a more responsible production method. To know where and how our products are manufactured, it is important to know our business partners. And our customers are also increasingly asking for information about the origin and production methods of our products.

Our suppliers in the non-food sector

We aim to fulfil this desire, combined with our own demand for transparency.             

In this context, we publish corresponding supplier list with information on our entire non-food range, which consists of textiles and shoes, as well as hardware such as toys, sports equipment or garden furniture. Like the entire industry, Lidl also obtains a large part of its non-food range from independent manufacturers from Asian countries such as Bangladesh or China. Despite considerable progress and economic growth in these countries, the social and environmental conditions vary.

We focus particularly, therefore, on implementing recognised minimum standards. For example, Lidl ensures that all production facilities of its non-food own brand products are tested regularly by independent and local experts in line with the recognised BSCI or SA 8000 standards and systematically pursues any identified need for improvement. 

List of main private label production sites for Lidl: