Lidl Cyprus’ new campaign

Dedicated to the great Lidl Cyprus team.

17.10.2022 | Larnaca

Lidl Cyprus’ new campaign

With its new campaign which began airing on Sunday, Lidl Cyprus is inviting the audience to discover “the Lidl world”.

A work setting that looks after its own people daily and relies on teamwork, a friendly environment, and recognising value and effort. A work setting that aims to ensure its people enjoy themselves and have all the means available to allow them to grow.

Spyros Kondylis, General Manager of Lidl Cyprus, said: 

  1. “This particular campaign enables us to promote the real world of Lidl Cyprus. A world that might not be apparent at first glance when you visit a store, but a world in which we work daily to provide for our more than 700 employees. A safe, friendly setting that fosters team work for all.”
  2. “With this campaign, we want to introduce the world of Lidl Cyprus that we create every day, a world in which we see things differently. Featuring 27 stars who are actual employees, we discover for the first time what goes on behind closed doors, where we ensure a safe work environment with real opportunities for growth. That’s how all of us at Lidl Cyprus become better and better every single day.”

The key element of the campaign is a television spot created by the people of Lidl Cyprus for the people of Lidl Cyprus. All of the “stars” are employees from the stores, the logistics centre and the offices from every corner of Cyprus. They are authentic, ordinary people who work together daily.

The campaign began airing on Sunday 16 October and will spread to digital and printed media.

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