The Disney Stacks collection series now at Lidl!

Lidl Cyprus celebrates 100 years of Disney with 16 collectible wooden figures for children inspired by favorite heroes.

05.10.2023 | Larnaca

Disney Stacks

Disney Stacks

Lidl Cyprus presents the Disney Stacks collectible wooden figures, as part of Disney's anniversary campaign "100 Years of Wonder".

From Thursday 05.10.2023 until Wednesday 15.11.2023 and while stocks last, with every €35 of purchases, Lidl store customers can get a free Disney Stacks collectible figurine from the cashier. Apart from Mickey Mouse, Elsa from Frozen and Little Pacha from 101 Dalmatians, there are 16 figures in total, which will delight both young and adults!

For more than three generations, Disney has been sharing joy with people worldwide. As a pioneer of animation, creator of theme parks and many more, Disney has created ‘’worlds’’ that people love to dream about. 

Consumers have the opportunity to complete the collecting experience by getting their own collectible album to store their figures for €4.99, and also get 4 different Disney stuffed bags for €4.99.

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