Lidl Cyprus: A delicious year is ‘cooking’ at the Lidl Food Academy!

The Lidl Food Academy, Lidl Cyprus' successful culinary venture, pursues its taste journey in 2023 by offering knowledge and experiences with Lidl products!

20.01.2023 | Larnaca

Lidl Cyprus: A delicious year is ‘cooking’ at the Lidl Food Academy!

The Lidl Food Academy is welcoming the new year with new culinary proposals, useful knowledge for young and old, many activities and beautiful moments, as well as also valuable advice for a proper and balanced diet.

A series of very interesting classes have been planned for the new year, with flavours and recipes from cuisines from all over the world and with themed classes about ingredients, cooking methods, special occasions and special eating habits. The total of this year's free classes amounts to 100, equally offered for both adults and children.

Lidl Food Academy’ menu
This year, Lidl's very successful food academy offers additional classes for vegetarians and strict vegetarians, while responsible gastronomy comes to the fore, as well as limiting food waste.

Once again, festivals, dinners and special meals are honoured at the Lidl Food Academy, such as the beer and BBQ festival, culinary film nights, garden brunches and football nights. These unique experiences promise beautiful moments accompanied by your favourite Lidl products.

During 2022, over 130 events and classes were held at the Lidl Academy, in which 4,000 people participated the free! With many entries for all events and classes, and especially the children's cooking classes, entry draws have always been a big event for the Academy.

For 2022, the most popular courses for adults were Asian cuisine, Italian cuisine, burgers and street-food, while vegetarian cooking classes are gaining more and more interest.

Children love good nutrition
In 2023, children at the Lidl Food Academy will have the opportunity to gain even more experiences and knowledge about good home-cooked food, with new classes and activities. One of them is the popular Lidl Little Chefs programme for parents and children from 6 to 12 years old, during which little chefs cook with the special trainers in the kitchens, while parents have the opportunity to discuss everything that concerns them about food and feeding habits with members of

The Cyprus Dietetic and Nutrition Association.

Another very successful programme is the Food Academy for Children, which is being held for the 5th consecutive year in collaboration with the Department of Home Economics of the Ministry of Education and aims to teach children the value of nutritious and home-cooked food. Almost all secondary schools in Cyprus have participated in the programme. For holidays and when schools are closed, the Cooking for the Whole Family programme brings children and parents to the Lidl Food Academy and teaches them that they time can be enjoyable and productive together in the kitchen!

The Lidl Food Academy travels!
Since 2021, Lidl Academy’s impressive mobile version, the Lidl Food Academy ON THE GO, travels to every corner of Cyprus and offers the Lidl Food Academy experience. Last year, the LFA – ON THE GO, traveled to Pyrgos Tellyrias, Polis Chrysochous, Lemythou, Polemi, Agros, Psimolofou, while during the summer it spent several days in Limassol and offered a rich programme of flavours and entertainment.
This year, Lidl Food Academy continues to dazzle the public with its ideas and flavours, as it offer us valuable knowledge so that we all love good, homemade food and improve our health and quality of life, in the most creative and fun way.


Entries have started!

To register for Lidl Food Academy's free classes and programmes, visit and register. Due to a large number of entries, the selection of participants is done by a draw.

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