Lidl Cyprus reduces prices up to 25% on over 120 products

With a sense of responsibility towards consumers, the company makes providing permanently low prices a priority.

06.09.2023 | Larnaca

Price Reduction -25%

The philosophy and commitment to providing quality products at the most economical market prices dominates the DNA of Lidl Cyprus' business model. Supporting the local consumer market is a primary concern and is therefore taking additional steps to not only to provide discounts and offers, but has also proceeded to offering permanently low prices on more than 120 products.

By using the negotiating power of its network and in collaboration with its suppliers, Lidl Cyprus ensures the most favourable prices on its private label products, once again, this time achieving a reduction of up to 25% on selected products.

Through a carefully selected and responsible range of products, Lidl Cyprus’ goal is to meet the needs of the modern consumer easily, quickly and above all economically. With the highest standards throughout its supply chain, Lidl Cyprus stays true to its commitment to offer a full trolley... as well as a full wallet.

Lidl Cyprus is a chain that offers valuable offers at the already lowest market prices, while on a daily basis, customers benefit from the numerous additional offers and discount coupons available through the Lidl Plus loyalty programme, which offers even greater savings.

Consumers can rely on the company to always offer the best value for money across its range of products with the aim of remaining the most competitive on the market every single week.

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