Fruit at Lidl Cyprus.

Quality for all

Our main promise

“Best quality at the best possible price”: - We provide high-quality products at affordable prices to a broad customer base. That’s how we make sure millions of customers have access to much more than the basics. 

Lidl’s range of products includes more than 3,000 different food and non-food products. These include more than 60 organic products and locally sourced goods. Added to these are many seasonal and discounted items.

At Lidl, our customers can choose from: well-known branded products and popular, award-winning private label products available only at Lidl. We strive to inspire our customers with new products and ideas, along with seasonal offers. Naturally, we also stock goods which are adapted to special dietary needs and food sensitivities. Additionally, our customers can find a changing variety of discounted items with products that include cosmetics, household items, electrical equipment and textiles.

Everyday shopping at Lidl - much more than the basics. It’s our way of offering our customers and their families a better quality of life.

Lidl vegetables.

Our products

Local and seasonal products, organic and fair trade goods, vegetarian foods, and skin-friendly fabrics. The origin of our products and our partnership with our suppliers is of the highest importance to us. In our unique variety of products, you will find popular private-label brands available only at Lidl, along with other name-brand products. From fresh foods and select wines, frozen products, pet foods and cleaning supplies to our discounted items - our customers can find everything they need for their daily shopping at Lidl Cyprus. Click here for an overview of all our award-winning, reliable and new products.

Quality Lidl.

Our commitment to quality

Quality and freshness are very important to us. Our customers can count on that every day, because Lidl Cyprus adheres to the highest specifications for production, our partners and the entire supply chain. However, in the event that something is not absolutely satisfactory, we take into account consumer comments and incorporate them in our analyses for ongoing improvement of our products. Naturally, we have instituted procedures which guarantee responsible consumer protection, even in serious cases, by informing customers and publicly recalling questionable goods when necessary.
Strict controls ensure that we provide fresh foods, crisp fruit and safe toys. Thanks to the high standards and flawless quality management, we make sure that our products meet our customers’ expectations each and every day. Before private-label Lidl Cyprus products are distributed on the market, they are diligently inspected and tested. That is the commitment that we make as a reliable and responsible trading partner. 

Image of Lidl tomatoes.

Product labelling and certifications

Lidl Cyprus is committed to safety, quality and protection of the environment. These days, consumers seek specialised products to meet their nutritional needs and suit their personal values. At Lidl, you will find fish and seafood with sustainable fishing certificates, as well as fair trade foods and other products.
Our customers can rest assured about the safety and quality of all the other products in our product range. At Lidl Cyprus, we do that with complete transparency, using familiar labels from a number of environmental protection institutions and organisations. For example, these labels indicate that textiles have been tested for harmful substances, and have been certified by the Hohenstein Institute. We also sell waffle makers with a non-stick surface and furniture made of wood harvested from forests in a manner that is respectful of nature. Examples of private-label brands in Cyprus which represent sustainability include Fairglobe and Βio-Organic.

Photograph of a Lidl supplier.

Best suppliers

At Lidl Cyprus we set the highest quality standards, not only for ourselves, but also for our suppliers. Through long-term trusted business partnerships we jointly develop optimum solutions to achieve high quality as a common goal. Locality plays an important role for Lidl Cyprus, because this is the only way we can we build close partnerships, eg. so that we can always supply fresh fruit and vegetables in our stores.

Our business partners adhere strictly to the Lidl Code of Conduct. Here we determine how our business will achieve high quality in a socially, ecologically and equitably manner.

Additionally, many of Lidl's international suppliers are certified according standards of the International Food Standard (IFS) or the internationally recognised standard of the British Retail Consortium BRC. Producers of specialised items, for example, items from the organic or fair trade sectors, are also required to have relevant Certifications. For the consistent assurance of the production processes of our products, our suppliers are audited on the spot by independent institutes and within the framework of regular controls.