During Lent at Lidl, taste leads the way

Lidl Cyprus welcomes Lent with an advertising campaign for its renewed range of fasting products.

20.02.2023 | Larnaca

Happy Lent and enjoy your meals!

As from February 20, 2023, Lidl Cyprus welcomes Lent by bringing even more fasting products to consumers' tables through the "NISTISIMA" product line, with more than 80 flavours in renewed packaging.

Lidl Cyprus knows that every season is connected with particular tastes. The season with the most characteristic imprint is lent season. With roots in tradition, as well as consideration towards the modern eating habits of our country, the fasting season offers us a wide variety of recipes and nutritional value.

Lidl Cyprus' new advertising campaign brings all these distinct fasting flavours to its customers. Flavours that wait for an entire year to shine and remind us how truly delightful they are. In a short, upbeat edited film, with entertaining speech and the use of many different filming techniques, Lidl Cyprus recognises that Lent is all about taste!

The campaign is currently unfolding on television, online, social media and press, as well as through in-store materials and brochures. Enjoy the film here.

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